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Please print and mail forms to NPFBA at the address below. Emailed forms cannot be accepted at this time.


Contact Information Update Form - Please use this form to update your contact information.



Change of Beneficiary Form -

Any of the following events could trigger a change to your beneficiary. Please do not list minors as beneficiaries.

  • New marriage

  • Dissolution of marriage

  • Death of chosen beneficiary

  • Creation of a Living Trust

  • Children that have become of age (18)


Payment Option Change Form - Please use this form to change any payment information.


Updated Health Statement





Please mail completed forms to:


PO Box 31

Martell, CA 95654


Request More Information

A Jointly Sponsored
Long Term Care Trust
of CLEA and CAPF



Board of Trustees

Dave Boffi, Co-Chairman

Daly City POA

Erick Mattson, Co-Chairman

Redding Firefighters

Dennis Campanale, CFO

West Sacramento Firefighters

Joe Chirillo, CFO

Beverly Hills POA

Nick Faraclas, Secretary

Riverside Firefighters

Mario Yagoda, Secretary

Glendale POA

Gene Dangel

San Ramon Valley Firefighters

Jerry Hall

DSA of Santa Clara Co.

Kevin Mickelson

Sacramento Co. DSA

Aimee New

City of Sonora Firefighters

Darin Ryburn

Burbank POA

Steve Sandefer

Hemet Firefighters

Protecting Those Who Protect the Public