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Every minute 49 Americans become disabled.


Protect yourself by joining the only Long Term Care Plan
created specifically for

Safety and Non-Safety members of police & fire departments & their spouse.


According to recent statistics at least 70% of Americans will need some Long Term Care after age 65 and 40% of those currently receiving Long Term Care are between ages 18 and 64. Long Term Care refers to a variety of services utilized by chronically ill or disabled people over an extended period. The main services are Nursing Home Care, Residential Care and Home Health Care.


In 1999 California Law Enforcement Association and California Association of Professional Firefighters formed a jointly sponsored Long Term Care Trust, National Peace Officers and Fire Fighters Benefit Association, to provide their Participants with quality, affordable Long Term Care Coverage. Today National Peace Officers and Fire Fighers Benefit Association (NPFBA) provides over 12,000 Peace Officers, Fire Fighters and their spouses with Long Term Care coverage.


NPFBA is a non-profit, mutual benefit trust, established and operated under Certificates of Authority issued by the CA Dept. of Insurance. NPFBA complies with the requirements of the California Insurance Code governing benefit and relief associations for peace officers and fire fighters, as well as the applicable requirements of the Internal Revenue Code and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended. All NPFBA funds (over $89 million as of 2017) are dedicated to its non-profit purposes and the investment of its funds is actively managed by Wells Fargo Advisors.  The investments are conducted under the guidance and on-going review of the NPFBA Trustees and pursuant to the NPFBA Investment Policy document that sets out NPFBA’s investment objectives and guidelines. The assets of NPFBA are held in stocks and bonds, cash and cash equivalents, and other investments with the goal of providing long term growth and protection.



Do you want to age with dignity

and protect your assets?

If so you need NPFBA Long Term Care Coverage.


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A Jointly Sponsored
Long Term Care Trust
of CLEA and CAPF



Board of Trustees

Dave Boffi, Co-Chairman

Daly City POA

Erick Mattson, Co-Chairman

Redding Firefighters

Dennis Campanale, CFO

West Sacramento Firefighters

Joe Chirillo, CFO

Beverly Hills POA

Nick Faraclas, Secretary

Riverside Firefighters

Mario Yagoda, Secretary

Glendale POA

Gene Dangel

San Ramon Valley Firefighters

Jerry Hall

DSA of Santa Clara Co.

Kevin Mickelson

Sacramento Co. DSA

Aimee New

City of Sonora Firefighters

Darin Ryburn

Burbank POA

Steve Sandefer

Hemet Firefighters

Protecting Those Who Protect the Public