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NPFBA Benefits


Nursing Home Care

Covers inpatient room and board, supplemental services, and patient supplies. You are eligible when you can't perform 3 or more Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Refer to Glossary page for Activities of Daily Living.


Residential Care

Covers room and board, supplemental services, and patient supplies in an eligible residential care facility. You are eligible when you can't perform 2 or more ADLs.


Home Health Care

Covers fees for Home Health Care Services, Personal Care Services and Homemaker Services provided by an eligible provider. You are eligible when you either can't perform 2 ADLs one of which must be transferring or can't perform 3 ADLs.


Lifetime Benefit Coverage

NPFBA covers Long Term Care benefits for as long as you need them. Other plans will only cover benefits for a specified number of years, usually between 2 and 5 years, unlike NPFBA whose benefits are for a lifetime. NPFBA benefits cap at $1,000,000.


3% Compounded Inflation Protection

Each year you are in the Plan your daily benefit will increase 3% Compounded (Plan years 2 through 26). For example, $150 per day Nursing Home benefit will increase to $170 per day after 5 years and $228 per day after 15 years.
See the 150/70/50 Plan
See the 130/70/50 Plan


If you joined the Plan prior to July 1, 2017, please contact our office at 877-582-0003, option #2 for your benefit amount.


Paid Up Plans

NPFBA offers payment periods of 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45-Years (based on enrollment age). Other plans require lifetime payments to continue coverage.


Respite Care

Allows care provider to take a temporary leave.


Death Benefit*

Through Age 69- The amount of your payments up to $5,000

Age 70 to 74 - The amount of your payments up to $2,500


60-Day Elimination Period

Participants medically underwritten as preferred health status have a 60-Day Elimination Period. Standard health status has a 90-Day Elimination Period.


Waiver of Payment

Payments are waived while the Participant is receiving benefits from NPFBA.


For Illustration only. See Plan Document for specific information.

* Participants who joined prior to 2007, please refer to your schedule of benefits.


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