Children’s Scholarship Program

Each year our Plan Administrators, California Public Safety Administrators, Inc., donate 8 scholarships to the children of CLEA and CAPF Plan Participants. Scholarship distribution consists of eight awards of $500 each divided equally between children of CLEA, CAPF and NPFBA Plan Participants.

6 scholarships available to High School Seniors (3 to children of CLEA Plan Participants and 3 to children of CAPF Plan Participants). Children of NPFBA participants are also eligible.

2 scholarships available to Sophomores and Juniors in college (1 to a child of a CLEA Plan Participant and 1 to a child of a CAPF Plan Participant).

This is a valuable opportunity to provide your children with scholarship money in order to help them attain their higher education goals!

Download 2019 CLEA Scholarship Information and Application Packet

Download 2019 CAPF Scholarship Information and Application Packet


2018 Recipients

We are very pleased to announce the following four students have been awarded the Children’s Scholarships for 2018:

High School Recipients

Skye Addicks – Cal Poly, majoring in Art and Design. (Ross Valley Firefighters Association)

David Anastasia – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, majoring in Aeronautical Science. (San Bernardino County Professional Firefighters)

Kevin Christensen – Humboldt State, majoring in Environmental Science. (NPFBA Member, retired CA Fish & Wildlife)

Kara Hahn – Lassen Community College, majoring in Allied Health. (California Correctional Supervisors Organization)

Alexis Rodriguez-Rocha – Undecided, majoring in Biology. (Santa Cruz City Police)

Andrew Tilton – Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, majoring in Agricultural Systems Management. (Roseville Firefighters)

College Recipients

Katherine Haven – California State University, Sacramento, majoring in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice. (NPFBA Member, CA Department of Justice)

Eliza Perkins – Vassar College, majoring in Earth Sciences & Society and German Studies (Monterey Firefighters Association


We would like to thank the nearly 100 students who submitted scholarship applications and wish them well in their education endeavors. You should all be very proud of your efforts.